Wife: Before marriage, you used to bring me gifts often. Why not anymore? Husband: LOL..Have you ever heard of luring a fish after they catch it?!

There were days when I felt the momentary “discussions sometimes turning into arguments (though never violent)” by the elderly folks at home rather disturbing and a reason for unpeace.. 😐 Well I am quite sure we all have our own stories of the regular mom-dad Mahabharatas.. 😉  moms ranting about dads not contributing in the household chores or taking care of kids’ homeworks, etc and dads justifying themselves by talking about 9-9 jobs, work loads, bringing home the bread-butter and so on.. Thus neither of the parties ever getting in a mood to lose the battle of becoming “the” one who runs the house.  But regardless of this, the house, to be more precise the family, never breaks! Stays intact.. Wonder how impotent the innumerable TV soap guys would have felt without these spicy real life dramas?! 😛  Well.. equally pathetic we are to enjoy watching the dramatized versions of our own seeming to be black and white regular lives.. Aah!! the social fool.. 😉

Thank god those days are gone.. Gone as in not like totally nonexistent, just that now after “growing-up” I have learnt to take it lightly and in a humorous way instead.. 😉 Well, it is funny to see how the folks gibber and  fight over huge to petty issues. Now for instance, like any other middle class Indian family, we too have the usual remote control fights. Yes, they do fight over it! So obviously, dad is a pro-sports+animal planet+action movies (mainly Korean) guy and mom, without any doubt, is the bhakti/ religious channel and 70-90’s era Hindi family drama+comedy movies lover sort of person. The only thing that binds them well, sometimes, would be the local Assamese news channel (which, according to me, purges nothing but bullshit by infringing media norms by showing violent/ inappropriate video footage of uncovered/ dead/ gross/ PG stuff and propagating majorly irrelevant news.. just a personal opinion!)

Anyway, today while dad was busy in his usual tv surfing, mom jeered at him for not staying at just one particular channel. He remarked mockingly,”Lets split the remote into two (so that you can watch what you want)..” to which she scoffed instantly,”..yeah..or better lets just divide the TV into two halves!!” Such exchange of supposedly satiric kibitzes are increasingly common these days. These word attacks are meant to be acrid but they somehow turn out to be ridiculous.. and, to my gladness, my stupid (sometimes intentional) giggles is starting to break the ice more than often these days thus hailing the reign of peace.. 😉


About mumblesjumbled

Sometimes clueless about things around me and other times too critical about them!! A wishful thinker I am and my love for anything that i can lay down on cosily clearly justifies how much of a sleeper I am. The next material love in my life would be food. Not that I eat all the time and that's what contributed to my rotund figure (I like to believe its in my gene as I was born a healthy chubby transparently fair baby.. :D). Food is something that excites me any time- except those which really dont pass my mimimum "victual" criteria!! Then it goes to sight seeing/ travelling! And of course I can't think of a life without music too.. :) Well that says a lot about me I guess. So, how have you been! :)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    No doubt about it hun!..Every family has there own stories and if we think about it, we will find it pointless but you know what..it’s a part of life 😉

  2. missyblurkit says:

    Hahaha…my parents also argue that way. And strangely till today I have to see the TV or remote split in 2.

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