Alright, when you think of a girl/ lady, what are the few first materialistic obvious things that you can relate her with?? If you ask me, I would say Cosmetics to keep her “alive”, a sleek Mobile to keep her updated about the latest gossips, a set of haute couture Clothes and of course another set of trendy Shoes to match them up and so on. Well I have got nothing much to say about the first three but yeah..something about the shoes..and unfortunately about some of the disaster shoe-shopping experiences which started with my 24th b’day, in May, this year (yes you know my age now!!). Had gone for shoe-shopping with mommy, when this pair of cute lil pumps with some 1-2 inch slightly-tapered heels caught my eyes.

Now it’s been long since I had worn heels..leave aside stilettos, not even 1-inch shoes. But I was too blind in the love for these devils in disguise!! So, happily I had them on the next time I was out and even more merrily they started biting off my feet from the behind and from the above with their heartless demonic teeth!! 😦 So bad this experience was that now they just adore my shoe-racks. Can’t really throw them away..they are just so damn pretty!! Aint it?! 🙂

Sometime later, I dared to buy these “rocking” lacy pumps.. 

..since I am not much of a trendy person, the sole reason I bought these was cos they were on SALE (pretty ugly strategy to fool people.. :-/)  plus they look cool, too..right?! Anyway, these too turned out to be bitches and now gladly accompanies devil no. 1.

And the latest addition to my unusual shoe-shopping for this year are these right-out-of-a clown’s feet pumps (bought them yesterday).. 😀

These are ON cos my mom wanted me to have a pair of cosy and warm pumps for our evening walks in this chilly winter!! And of all the shoes in this category, I could not find a better one. Have not tried yet cos we both have been too reluctant to go out since day before owing to the freezing breeze at nights and of course our lethargy in the form of some excuses! Now keeping fingers crossed and hoping that at least one of these works out well enough for me when I get to try them… 🙂


About mumblesjumbled

Sometimes clueless about things around me and other times too critical about them!! A wishful thinker I am and my love for anything that i can lay down on cosily clearly justifies how much of a sleeper I am. The next material love in my life would be food. Not that I eat all the time and that's what contributed to my rotund figure (I like to believe its in my gene as I was born a healthy chubby transparently fair baby.. :D). Food is something that excites me any time- except those which really dont pass my mimimum "victual" criteria!! Then it goes to sight seeing/ travelling! And of course I can't think of a life without music too.. :) Well that says a lot about me I guess. So, how have you been! :)

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  1. suituapui says:

    Nice, very nice shoes. My daughter would love the last pair – she does not wear heels. Sigh!!! I wish she would try and learn to use…and be more elegant. LOL!!!

  2. Oh..then u should make her start practicing from nw.. Don’t let her regret like m doin nw.. 😦 m sure she ll thank u later.. 🙂

  3. Lejeesh says:

    I liked the last pairs but hey the 2nd one wasn’t bad either 😎

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