Steamed Ryoku-chiku (Bambusa oldhamii) shoots

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Well here comes the first recipe for bamboo chicken stew that I learnt yesterday and implemented successfully today. B-) I will go to the success story and some useful tips and warnings later. So here it goes :

Bamboo Chicken Stew Recipe

Ingredients: – 1 arm-length fermented bamboo shoot, 1/2 kg broiler chicken chunks ( I prefer broiler rather than local chicken which is more popular in north-east India), a palm full hot chilies, 3-4 garlic cloves, 1/2 inch ginger, 1 tsp. coarsely pounded garam masala ( inclusive of jeera, black pepper, coriander, cardamom, clove, cinnamon, etc and yes its optional :P) and salt to taste.

N.B – The image above is of loosely shredded bamboo shoots.

Recipe: –

1. In a medium sized karai/ cooking pan, fill water to 2/3rd level and boil for around 5 mins.

2. Now put the chunks of chicken in the boiling water, put salt and let it boil for a while. No need to cover it.

3. Meanwhile, slit the bamboo shoots from middle and remove some blackish/ dark grey formation, if any, form the inner surface. Shred the slit shoots with your fingers (i.e, if you can’t find a knife near you or your knife is blunt enough to be used by kids safely! :-P) into your choice of sizes- long fine tags, or broader shorter shreds or anything else.

4. In between the process of shredding the shoots, crush ginger-garlic-chilly together roughly and mix with the boiling chicken.

5. When the bamboo shred are done, wash them lightly and remove the excess water from them by squeezing gently.

6. Now, the shreds are ready to hop in and go on a hot fiery ride with the chicken. take;)  Let them boil together for at least 10-15 mins.

7. Now to check if the preparation is ready, take few shreds out of the stewing curry and taste. If you can feel the “chewy-yet-cooked-and-delicious” feel then its just ready. Don’t worry about the chicken- they are done cooking along with bamboo shreds!

P.S – This preparation was done in medium-high heat range. Medium-low range can also be used but then the cooking process will be little longer. Servings can go for 3-4 person depending on their eating capacities.

Now, coming to the success story and a few more informative facts, firstly I would like to share something about the bamboo shoot quality and fermentation process. Though I am not a pro in this the cooking-food related info field yet, but of what I could acquire from my homemaker mommy, I got to know that the shoots have been prepared/ kept for fermenting some 4-5 months back from today’s date. Frankly speaking, these were actually prepared by my brother-in-law, a doctor by profession, himself and the bamboo shoots came from the lavish hillocks of a small village in Arunachal Pradesh. And I and my mom are gonna hire him again for our next stock soon.. 😉 Anyway, when packed carefully these shoots last for more than a year. And just like wine, these babies taste better when they get older. B-) OK, now coming back to the story, I learnt the recipe of Bamboo Chicken yesterday from mommy dear and we had a tummy full too- we din’t expect it to be so mouth-watering. 😀 Today, when some close family friends invited themselves for an evening get-together, mommy and I were wondering what to feed them while looking at the freshly bought chicken. We looked at each other and we knew it ought to be bamboo shoots again. So, apart from some doing some fish-fry and salad for snack with their Scotch, I did cook the Bamboo Chicken in the above mentioned way with little help from mommy. And yeah, I did get applauds from all of ’em- honestly they were really impressed with the food. B-)

Now comes the warning! If you are not much of a chilly-enthusiast, you are advised to put just 4-5 chilly in your preparation. The chilly quantity mentioned above is for Chilly-crazy-lovers. I, too, love hot food but not to some madness extent. But today and yesterday, we were definitely on a madness spree. I actually finished 1 ltr+ water while eating a bowl of this curry today- I was literally taking a spoonful of the dish inside and instantly drinking water as soon as I could gulp the food down my food pipe. By the time I finished eating, my eyes were teary, nose dribbly, mouth burning like hell and cheeks rosy. And now while writing this post, I am being persistently prompted to get rid off all excess water in my body in every 10 mins..  :-X Well if, regardless of all this 3rd degree torture, you want to take a plunge you are more than Welcome B-)


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  1. Lejeesh Levakumar says:

    Yummy!! 😉 and nice write-up!!

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