Bamboo sprout. Proud and too big to eat.

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Being someone born in the lovely soil of north-east (NE) India, I have the affinities for the beautiful, lush green and earthy nature that is spread wide and full in front of my eyes. And coming from a tribal genealogy, the love for some unique unusual (compared to rest of India) food habits persists. Well there are incredible number of such names, but to begin with I will be talking about the famous bamboo shoot which is loved equally among entire north-east India irrespective of the numerable tribes and communities.

Now coming to nutritional point of view, nutritionists say these are highly fibrous and low in calories which provide an excellent choice for obese people to jump into a frequent (not necessarily regular) bamboo shoot diet. Yes, I can hear some “Wow’s”, “Bingo’s”, “IDK that’s” 😉 and of course “Thanks” B-) and some (from hapless ignorant ones) “Why on earth would anyone eat bamboo!!” . A brief info about other health benefits is given below:

1. High potassium content for lowering high BP.

2. High fiber content and low calorie content, apart from aiding in weight loss, cuts down the bad LDL cholesterol, kills the yucky worms in tummy and helps prevent chronic constipation.

3. Good source of Vit B, C, E and protein. Also rich in iron, riboflavin, thiamine, phosphorous, niacin, zinc, copper, manganese.

4. Anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties fight chronic diseases, including that of heart and cancer, bacterial and fungal infections.

No wonder I hear little less complaints about the health related issues, like those mentioned above, among the tribal communities of north-east. So what are you waiting for!! Ring someone from NE and ask them to share some of their bamboo shoot (majority of locals from NE will have at least 1 bottle with them 😉 ) with you today. :->

DISCLAIMER:- The pungent smell and slightly tangy flavor might be repulsive to some in the beginning. So, just a spoonful taste of the prepared bamboo is advisable at first!

For some very simple, yet mouth watering traditional bamboo shoot recipes p.s the next post.. 😀


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Sometimes clueless about things around me and other times too critical about them!! A wishful thinker I am and my love for anything that i can lay down on cosily clearly justifies how much of a sleeper I am. The next material love in my life would be food. Not that I eat all the time and that's what contributed to my rotund figure (I like to believe its in my gene as I was born a healthy chubby transparently fair baby.. :D). Food is something that excites me any time- except those which really dont pass my mimimum "victual" criteria!! Then it goes to sight seeing/ travelling! And of course I can't think of a life without music too.. :) Well that says a lot about me I guess. So, how have you been! :)

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  2. Lejeesh Levakumar says:

    Bamboo?! Really?! 😮 but sounds like a good deal ;-)..So when can I expect Bamboo shoot next time for my dinner? 😛

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