Has morality and humanity gone down so low? This is the question that has come up in almost everyone’s mind at some point. I have heard people say this many times- mostly in media. And mostly from those who have undergone through a phase where they find themselves jeopardised at some unfortunate stages of their lives. I today understood this question’s importance. Yes, I am going though that stage in my life now. I do not understand well how well the system works in our country and how much trust should one put on the law. But of how much I have seen and heard, it hardly works at a good pace and right path. And you’ve got to be a centenarian to get back everything that was once yours! For someone who has seen a person his entire life following the modest path and sincere way of doing his job, watching him end up in a place where one does not want to wish even in his dreams is quite a painful thing. For someone who has earned nothing worth more than a respectable name in the society, it hurts to see that same person questioning his own ethics. This is one thing which surely is enough to trigger that question in my head. Why is there no value for honesty anymore? Why does someone who puts almost 10 hours and plus of his daily life into making his workplace go just smooth and fine (and for that matter family time was usually truncated) has to be and feel betrayed at the end? Why is there no humanity anymore? Why do people run after money so bad? So bad that for a sack or more of printed papers he just forgets the basic humane values? He never came with those little palm sized piece of papers and never is going to be buried/ burnt down with those things. Then why there is so much hunger out there for the paper and not humanity? Why does not it hurt some people to demoralize such innocent people? Why can not we just stay being human? The more I see and hear the more my faith from the system gets torn. And as I say this its not me who is at loss more, it is the Law and the Administration! Because with us there is a whole bunch out there who have learnt their lessons.


About mumblesjumbled

Sometimes clueless about things around me and other times too critical about them!! A wishful thinker I am and my love for anything that i can lay down on cosily clearly justifies how much of a sleeper I am. The next material love in my life would be food. Not that I eat all the time and that's what contributed to my rotund figure (I like to believe its in my gene as I was born a healthy chubby transparently fair baby.. :D). Food is something that excites me any time- except those which really dont pass my mimimum "victual" criteria!! Then it goes to sight seeing/ travelling! And of course I can't think of a life without music too.. :) Well that says a lot about me I guess. So, how have you been! :)

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